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Oct 1st & 2nd, 2016
Noon - 6 PM

Reception for our show “New Look” featuring new paintings by Bill Russell and Mary Galgon in our remodeled gallery space. Find Mary’s work at


Oct 22nd & 23rd, 2016
Noon - 6 PM

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Paintings and painted furniture, as well as paintings by Mary Galgon will be on display at the gallery. Abstract expressionist worked based loosely on figure drawings. Each becomes a story or dance unto themselves.

Abstract painting by Mary Galgon Abstract painting by Mary Galgon Abstract painting by Mary Galgon
Up Close and not too Personal Doppleganger Lips Discovered
All work 5" x 6”, acrylic on vellum, outside dimension of frame is 11.5" x 13.5”


November 2016

We will be showing the wonderful large portrait drawings by Philadelphia artist and Pennsylvania Academy of the Arts instructor Phyllis Laver. Please contact the gallery for hours and reception information.

Portrait by Phyllis Laver


December 2016

We will be showing the luminescent drawings on glass by Philadelphia artist Roman Tybinko. Please contact the gallery for hours and reception information.

Drawing by Roman Tybinko ICONS for NATURAL LIGHT combine the medieval glass-stainer’s medium of vitreous enamels with common, modern, industrial glass. It is a studio medium that I’ve adapted to Plein-air painting: in studio work my imagery is composed over multiple panes of ordinary window glass arranged in a low relief construction; while in Plein-air work over a single pane as though on a single sheet of paper. By deliberate choice the colors in my work are restrained, meant to turn heads in a milder way than the strident palette of traditional stained-glass. They invite investigation from less than 20 feet. Form is described by line as thin and fragile as a fine pencil line, which I see as an accomplishment in this medium so dependent on brushwork. Since glass is transparent I often use both sides of each “sheet”, which is fired at high temperatures to fuse the enamels to the glass. Each side requires a separate firing, and each firing is an opportunity for a new discovery or the complete destruction of the work. The process itself is an apt metaphor for the fragility of artwork and trying to make artwork. All of the work is meant to be viewed by natural light, to be displayed at glazed openings, as it changes in mood and feeling according to the direction and quality of light that illuminates it.

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